Soul Herbs Sage leaves – 30gr


Soul Herbs offers Sage with a unique aroma and taste from the foot of the mountain of Centaurs.
Cultivation, harvesting and sorting are done by hand. 
Packed in a modified atmosphere in a bag with zip closure to maintain color and freshness.

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You can also find it as: Eliphaskos, alifaskia, sage

The sage (Salvia officinalis – Medicinal elvifaskos) is a perennial, shrubby plant with numerous branches up to half a meter tall. The leaves are oblong and thick, white-green. The flowers grow vertebrae, are purple and bloom from May to June.

Main active ingredients: Pinene, Cineol, Borneol and Thujone

Mythology & History

Its Latin name, salvia, means “the plant that saves” and is known as the herb of immortality. It was considered a sacred herb by the Greeks who dedicated it to Zeus and by the Romans who took it to Britain.

The ancient Egyptians gave women to drink sage, to increase their fertility.

The Arabs wonder: “How can a man die when he has sage in his garden?” and they believed that he could cure everything.

The great properties of sage are praised by Theophrastus, Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Galen, Aetius etc.

Method of preparation


Pour a cup of boiling water on 1-2 kg of leaves and leave it for 10 minutes and then strain. Drink three times a day.


Other uses

Helps with mosquito and wasp stings, rubbing the irritated spot with fresh sage leaves.

-It is beneficial for the hair, if we use it for rinsing.

-In cooking it is used for the aromatization of various broths, foods and vinegar while it is also considered a beekeeping plant providing vintage honey.