Soul Herbs Mentha pulegium – 50gr


Soul Herbs offers us Fliskouni, the wild mint with the unique aroma and taste from the foot of the mountain of Centaurs. Cultivation, harvesting and sorting are done by hand.

Packed in a modified atmosphere in a bag with zip closure to maintain color and freshness.

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You can also find it as: Fliskouni, Mint or Poulegios, Vlichoni

It is a perennial aromatic, native plant reaching a height of about 80 cm, with erect and hairy stem, with small green leaves, ovate, fluffy, toothed and elongated. The flowers are purple or white, blooming from June to October. It has a spicy taste and intense aroma. It is a plant that shows the existence of water.

Main active ingredients: Menthol, Menthol, Tannin


Mythology & History

Ancient physicians believed that the herb had emmenagetic properties. The ancient physicians used the wild blister for whooping cough and in general for respiratory diseases. The herb was considered an excellent anti-arthritic drug and for this reason it was also called “mint gout”.

In folk medicine it was believed that it stimulates the nervous system as well as the heart, in alcoholic preparations (liqueurs). It was recommended as an expectorant against bronchial catarrh and was used especially by the people against asthma, especially the elderly, which “opens” their respiratory organs.

Method of preparation


Put the herb together with water to boil on low heat for less than ten minutes and strain.

For external use, gargles, compresses and baths use more concentrated tea.