Soul Herbs Herbs decoction “Flu” with Mountain Tea, Fliskouni & Sage – 50gr


The freshness of the wild mint (fliskouni), the intensity of the sage and the unique taste of the mountain tea, the herbs traditionally used for the common cold, were combined to give an amazing drink to keep you alive in the battle of everyday life.

Ingredients: Mountain tea, Fliskouni, Sage

Packaging: 50gr. Pack in a controlled atmosphere N2-CO2 in a bag with zip closure to keep the product.

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Philosophy of the Soul Herbs

The company created different mixtures of herbs using the herbs it cultivates as well as others, in order to give customers a new approach to herbal infusions which will be a real pleasure without even the need to use sweeteners.

Different mixtures with a variety of colors and aromas, from light green to deep red, each drink hides unique properties, which stood out and created unique drinks.