Soul Herbs Herbal decoction “Energy” with Hibiscus, Sage, Goji berry & Sweet Chili- 50gr


A drink made to give you the energy you need for the whole day… A real explosion of flavors with a slightly spicy flavor from the boukovo that will warm you up before the daily race.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Sage, Goji Berry, Sweet Chili

Packaging: 50gr. Pack in a controlled atmosphere N2-CO2 in a bag with zip closure to keep the product.

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Philosophy of the Soul Herbs

The company created different mixtures of herbs using the herbs it cultivates as well as others, in order to give customers a new approach to herbal infusions which will be a real pleasure without even the need to use sweeteners.

Different mixtures with a variety of colors and aromas, from light green to deep red, each drink hides unique properties, which stood out and created unique drinks.