Soul Herbs Grated Oregano – 50gr


The Soul Herbs offers us Muscovite Oregano from the mythical mountain of centaurs, Makrinitsa. Cultivation and harvesting are done by hand at 1000m. altitude making it different in color, taste and smell.

Packed in a modified atmosphere in a bag with zip closure to maintain color and freshness.

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Oregano (Scientific name Οriganum Vulgare Hirtum – Greek Oregano) is an aromatic herbaceous, perennial, native and shrubby plant of 20-80 cm. Its quality is considered one of the best in the world. The flowers are white-purple and bloom from June mainly until August depending on the region.

Main active ingredients: Carvacrol, Thymol

Mythology & History

The word oregano means “ornament of the mountain” and comes from the words “mountain” (mountain) and “ganos”, which means “beauty”, due to its beautiful pink and purple flowers.

Oregano was used in herbal medicine even by the ancient Greeks. As a decoction they drank it to cure abdominal cramps but also against poisoning.

Dioscorides considered oregano to be one of the best medicines and recommended it to those who had lost their appetite.

Method of preparation


In a kettle with water, boil 1 kg of oregano for a few minutes, strain it and drink it.

Other uses

For the bath We pour a decoction of oregano in the bath water, to soothe and tone our skin. (Boil for a few minutes, 80-100 g of oregano in 1 liter of water).
Gargle Gargle 2-3 times a day with oregano decoction, for mouth problems, ulcers and toothache