Soul Herbs Balsam oil with flow regulator – 50 ml


Ψυχή herbs offers us Balsam Oil of unparalleled quality made in extra virgin olive oil with flow regulator.

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Name: Balsam oil, Spatho oil, St. John’s Wort Oil

The most important active ingredient in balsam is hypericin, which is found throughout the plant, but in greater concentration in its flowering tops.

Among others, it contains hypericin, pseudo-hypericin and hyperforin.

The balsam oil that we produce is made by immersing the plant in extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and keeping it for a long time away from sun exposure and keeping it at temperatures below 27oC.

This process, although time consuming, ensures the non-oxidation of the olive oil and the non-alteration of the final product by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and the high temperatures.

So the product we receive is of unparalleled quality.


Balsam oil has antiseptic and healing properties. It is used to heal burns even if they are caused by sun exposure as well as in the rapid healing of wounds and scars.

It is ideal for therapeutic or relaxing massage, it has beneficial properties for the skin as long as it is used away from sun exposure and we can create night creams for the skin. It is extremely anti-inflammatory and rubs against cramps and neuralgia. By rinsing the oral cavity we can treat gingivitis.

Balsam oil and St. John’s wort are an excellent anti-depressant. For internal use consult your doctor.


Hypericum can affect the metabolism of certain enzymes. Therefore, caution is required when co-administered with other drugs.

Also, because it affects neurotransmitters, it interacts with various drugs, including other antidepressants.

Hypericin can cause photosensitivity. Balsam oil causes photosensitivity, so you should use it only when there is no direct exposure to the sun and preferably in the evening.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not take St. John’s wort in any form.

It should be kept away from children.