Soul Herbs Achilles Flowers – 20gr


Herbs Soul offers us Achilles blossoms. Cultivation and harvesting are done by hand.

Packed in a modified atmosphere in a bag with zip closure to maintain color and freshness.

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Μπορείτε να το βρείτε και ως:  Αχιλλέα, Χιλιόφυλλο, Αγριαψιθιά

Achillea (Achillea millefolium) is a perennial native plant found throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa. Its height can reach up to 80 cm.

It blooms from late spring to early autumn.

In Greece there are 24 varieties of Achilles

Main active ingredients: Cineole, Azulene

Mythology & History

Its name is said to have come from Achilles, who according to legend when he was wounded by the spear of Paris the goddess Aphrodite advised him to bandage his wound with Achilles.

It is called “herb of warriors” (herba militaris), as it has been used to heal wounds since ancient times.

It is known that Dioscorides used this herb as a hemostatic.

In northern countries, the plant replaced hops in brewing beer. The botanist Karolos Linnaios wrote that people got drunk faster if they drank beer made with Achilles. In 16th century Germany, Achilles seeds were thrown into barrels to ensure the best preservation of wines. The pigments of the herb were used to dye woolen yarns yellow, orange and brown.