Guide to Using Medical Cannabis


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This book is the first Cannabis Pharmaceutical Use Guide published in our country and one of the first internationally.

It includes the Package Leaflet, the Indications and the Dosage of Pharmaceutical Hemp.

It also includes instructions that help find the optimal dose for each patient and the range of this dose, that is, what we call the “Therapeutic Window”.

It exploits the experience of doctors and patients who work for years with the healing action of cannabis and correlates with what science has officially accepted. It encodes scientific knowledge and empirical data in a guide that is understandable and necessary to those who use the plant as a medicine, patients and healthcare professionals.

Design, Editing, Writing: Apostolis Kaparoudakis

Scientific Supervision by Giorgis Economopoulos

Deduction Data Editing: Zaclin Poitras

Editing of Pharmacological Data: Elias Grammatikakis

Graphic Design, Illustration: Panos Kassiaris

Printing, Binding: Psimidi