Flowermate UNO


The Flowermate UNO is a versatile vaporizer designed to be used with herbs, oils and concentrates. It features an OLED screen that lets you quickly access information on battery life, temperature and heating. Lightweight and compact, the UNO is a great travel device with all the features of several dedicated vapes in one. The UNO has full temperature control between 60 °C and 230 °C as well as an automatic shut-off timer that saves valuable battery life. The UNO also includes a magnetic rotating mouthpiece that makes refills simple and easy. If you want to achieve ideally cool vapour, you can take advantage of the included attachment to use your UNO with a water pipe.


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  • Features

    • Full temperature control
    • Power saving mode
    • Automatic shut-off timer
    • Water pipe adapter
    • Multipurpose (concentrates, herbs and oils)
    • Lightweight design
    • Removable hard pack 1800 mAh battery


    Accessories (Included)

    • 1800 mAh battery
    • Charging dock
    • 5x mouthpiece screens
    • 2x chamber screens
    • Concentrate pad
    • Packing tool
    • Brush
    • Water pipe adapter
    • USB cable


    Versatile Design

    The Flowermate UNO is a powerhouse vaporizer that is also lightweight and portable. As a high-quality vaporizer that combines the best of vaping opportunities into a single compact unit, this Flowermate model makes a great companion during trips, is very convenient for everyday use and can be discretely carried in your pocket. The host of supported features includes the ability to use herbs as effectively as oils and concentrates. Simple changes switch from one experience of flowers and flavours to another, filled with high-quality concentrates and thick, smooth tones. The UNO includes a concentrate pad, which means the only choice to make is which material you want to try out first. This kind of versatility provides a freedom not found in many other models.


    Simple Conversion

    Converting from one product to another is simple and only takes a few minutes. Whatever the day calls for is at your fingertips. The UNO is also expandable to include more options as the need arises or tastes change. The water pipe adapter for 14 mm/19 mm connections is easy to attach, so it’s only a quick switch away from a completely new experience if you own a water pipe.



    The Flowermate UNO uses a magnetic rotating mouthpiece that makes refilling easier without the risk of spillage and wasted product. When not in use, the mouthpiece swivels into a tight, closed position, which makes it easier to carry.


    Long-Lasting Battery

    The battery is a long-lasting removable hard pack 1800 mAh. This practically equals never worrying about running out of charge, while charging will get it to reach maximum capacity in just under 2 hours. Just in case you still worry about losing power during use, the UNO comes with the added bonus of a self-timer with an automatic shut-off feature for extra security. At 13.6 x 6.7 x 3.5 cm, the Flowermate UNO is compact enough to transport but robust enough to use daily. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is light enough to carry around for hours.


    Digital Display 

    The OLED display (the same technology used in smartphones) is a digital readout panel for information about the unit’s current temperature, remaining battery capacity and heating status. All the information you need is right at your fingertips, laid out in an easy-to-read configuration and can even be rotated. On-screen buttons make it easy to increase and decrease the temperature via control arrows that provide you with a range between 60 °C and 230 °C.


    Easy to Use 

    The UNO is also fast. Reaching optimum temperature in under 30 seconds means no long wait times to enjoy your vape. On top of that, this Flowermate model uses a haptic feedback sensor that lets you know when it’s ready for you to take the first hit. With a built-in short circuit protector that prevents damage, the Flowermate UNO is a vaporizer that has all the bases covered when it comes to convenience, portability and functionality, too, and is ready to vaporize herbs, oils and concentrates in one UNO vape.



    The Flowermate UNO’s body is an attractive black case hiding a stainless steel chamber. It has a sleek front design featuring a large, easily readable OLED screen, a swivel mouthpiece and a front-facing USB port. Slim so it fits easily in your palm, the UNO has a textured grip for added comfort and conveneince.



    All Flowermate units purchased from Health & Cannabis come with a 2-year warranty (6-month for the battery) restricted to normal use.