ActiTube – Pipe Pear Wood


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Pear wood​

for students and scatterbrains​

Compared to our other woods, the pear can only show off its taste neutrality.

Since the wood is not as fussy as the olive, or rare and small like the briar root, it is our cheapest model.

With this pipe it is not such a big drama if it gets lost at a festival.

You can use it to smoke your tobacco and filter it at the same time
with the actiTube 8mm activated carbon filter inside.

More pleasure of smoking through activated carbon.
Using activated carbon, a high percentage of harmful concentrates is filtered out of the smoke.
The majority of pollutants adhere to the activated carbon and are discarded when the filter is changed.
The smoke becomes pleasantly mild without altering the effect.
the taste improves
the lungs are less stressed
The pipe stays clean for a longer period of time

*The pipe is compatible with actiTube small screen (15mm)

Made in Germany