Pasta Spaghetti Fil di Ferro Hemp – Canapa Campana



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The Pasta with Hemp Seed Flour was born to bring to the tables of Italians a new and authentic taste, genuine from the seed and with the remarkable added value of the organoleptic properties of the Hemp Sativa.

Its peculiarity is based on the perfect union between the choice of the best durum wheat from Campania and the hemp seed flour Campana s.a.s. by Giuseppe Mugione & C.

Our pasta is handcrafted with bronze drawing and a slow and low temperature drying system in order to preserve all the main nutrients of wheat and hemp.
Thanks to the presence of hemp flour, this product, with a slightly nutty taste, is a functional food: it contributes to a healthy, complete and balanced diet, helping to keep cholesterol levels low.

Recommended for sports nutrition, vegetarian and vegan.