Goldfish Amsterdam Pet CBG (400mg) Dog Treats – 100g


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Goudvis CBG has developed sheep fat bonbons especially for sensitive and older dogs. The combination of sheep fat with CBG is a natural and healthy snack for a tasty addition to your dog’s daily diet. In support, sheep fat with CBG ensures a shiny skin and vitality of your four-legged friend. Especially as dogs get older, the basic functions can weaken.

Sheep fat naturally contains vitamin A and vitamin D, which support the immune system. Both vitamins are essential for vision, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, mucous membranes and for strengthening and building bones. The formula also supports the digestive system and the energy level.


 Sheep fat with CBG
 THC Free and lab certified
 Enriched with full-spectrum hemp powder
 100% natural (no artificial colors & flavors from preservatives)
 Supports resistance, metabolism, vitality and skin & coat
 Healthy addition to the diet

Nutritional advice

1 bonbon per 10 kg body weight per day to supplement your dog’s daily diet. The CBG sheep fat bonbons are suitable for all dog breeds of all ages and also for dogs with a food allergy. Each bonbon contains 5 mg CBG. Reward your dog with a healthy treat.

CBG is best combined with the use of CBD.

It has been discovered that when CBG and CBD are used alternately, they enhance each other’s effect. Due to the interaction that takes place between CBD and CBG, results can be achieved that the 2 cannabinoids alone will not achieve. The better the ratio in terms of CBG / CBD dosage, the more effective this combination is. Especially for dogs that are a little older, the basic function can weaken. But dogs that suffer from nervousness / separation anxiety or are very busy will also be more relaxed.

CONTENT: 100 gr net (40 bonbons)