Goldfish Amsterdam Natural Flower Tea with CBD (100mg) & CBG (25mg) – 50g


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The natural flower tea with CBD & CBG has been carefully composed for you, so the tea contains hibiscus, chamomile, golden flower, rose leaf, cornflower and liquorice root. These flowers are known for their positive wellness benefits and in combination with CBD & CBG this enhances the positive effect.

Use Flower Tea with CBD and CBG
Natural Flower Tea with CBD and CBG from Goldfish Amsterdam is preferably brewed cold to preserve as many cannabinoids as possible. Do you prefer warm Natural Flower Tea with CBD and CBG? Then take the following preparation method into account for the best result

Preparation of warm Flower tea with CBD and CBG:
Boil the water and let it cool down to about 60 degrees Celsius. The water is still hot now, but will not burn immediately if it touches the skin. Use one teaspoon of Flower Tea per 160cc of water and let the tea steep for at least four minutes until the tea reaches the desired strength.

Serving tips:
For better results and a higher cannabinoid content, use Goldfish Amsterdam CBD Water with your cold brewed tea. Could the tea be a bit sweeter? Then choose Goldfish Amsterdam CBD Honey and enjoy the tasty combination of the best ingredients that nature has to offer.