Elixir Kannabio Tea – 20gr (10 por.)


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Description: Greek organic hemp buds blended with two types of green tea from Sri Lanka. Produced in Greece.

Unprocessed Greek organic hemp buds collected by hand and dried naturally by KANNABIO, mixed with green teas create an aromatic fusion full of flavor and pleasing aftertaste. High in cannabidiol (CBD), THC<0.2%

10 individually sealed tea sticks.

Points of preference for the tea sticks:

1. The high quality tea contents maintain their essence thanks to air tight packaging.

2. Tea sticks help us mix in honey or sugar with no need for a spoon.

3. The tea particles release evenly throughout the cup as opposed to tea bags that tend to release only at the bottom.

4. Drip proof upon removal from the cup, the dilated leaves seal the small holes on the tea stick, maintaining clean surfaces around our cup.

5. Created by Silver Flexy™, a multilayered and food grade safe material even at temperatures above 100⁰C.

Certifications: – Organic Hemp Buds: Organically farmed [(ΕΚ) 834/2007 BIO HELLAS 2018-000000007764]- TUV 22000.