Cbweed – Hemp and cardamom tea 25g

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Tisanapa – Hemp and Cardamom

Natural Hemp Infusion

Tisanapa – Hemp and Cardamom is one of our hemp infusions; all produced in Italy with Cannabis Sativa L. certificated and with the THC under 0.2%


Tisanapa – Natural cannabis with cardamom. (50% -50%)
Natural herbal teas
It is produced organically in Italy with a certified variety of Cannabis Sativa L. and with a THC content of less than 0,2%.

The intense green color is due to a delayed collection, which is necessary for the complete maturation of the plants.

Pack of 25 grams

The waiting time will be about 4 minutes. We recommend that you do not leave it in the water for more than 4 minutes because the smell will be stronger, but the stronger it is, the more bitter it gets.